We are a tea company, that has been working with tea since 2010.

About us

Tea TX is a Chinese company, that has been working with tea for over ten years, six of which in China. We currently have several offices and warehouses in the city of Guangzhou, and a vast majority of our employees are representatives of various Chinese tea regions, that is why they have wealth of knowledge in tea and a deep understanding of the industry. Our partners are tea enthusiasts, that chose the Way of Tea as a lifestyle. We are a reliable company, that guarantees the performance of obligations. We strongly believe, that our clients deserve the finest product, and we are constantly working on improving and expanding our collection of teas.

Our experience

Our work ethic involves personal acquaintance and maintaining relationships with tea suppliers and producers. We prefer an individual approach and a case-by-case basis in working with our clients, we practice ongoing staff training, and we are always looking for the best of the possible. Each new reporting period in our work we start from questions, like: "What else can we optimize?", "How can we improve the quality of our services?", "How can we find or create something new to secure our place in the tea history?" , "What else needs to be done, to make sure our clients are interested in working with us?".

Our team consists of tea field researchers, experimentalists, optimizers, tea culture lovers, and tea connoisseurs — together we managed to create a living workspace, that responds to any possible request from our clients. Not only do we sell and produce tea, but we are also eager to develop the tea culture by writing articles, producing videos, monitoring the industry news, creating and implementing educational projects.

Why you should choose to work with us?
  • Wide and diverse experience in the tea industry
  • Customer sensitivity, willingness to search and find any rarities, including both tea, and teaware
  • Taking care of our partners and listening to feedback — that is how we manage not to correct mistakes, but to prevent them
  • We encourage long-term cooperation — it is important, that the clients are comfortable working with us
  • We follow the trends of the teа industry and constantly update our product line
  • We are familiar with the tea standards, we understand what is a "good tea" and we follow the grade compliance respectively
  • We offer proper storage and secured safe delivery
  • We practice a transparent cooperative approach by keeping our clients up-to-date on every stage of their ongoing orders
  • We provide quick cargo collection
  • We consult our clients and can recommend items for your order if required

Our experience

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